World Obstacle Competition Rules is the Master Source Document (MSD) for Obstacle Sports. Each obstacle discipline or event has specific rules that reference the MSD.

These documents are the official (authorised) reference documents and are maintained in accordance with recommendations by the World Obstacle Technical Committee and Competitions Committee and accepted by the World Obstacle Executive Committee.

Competition Rules are specific to each event. Rules for competitive categories allow only one attempt per obstacle. The races and competition rules are formatted to facilitate fairness, event flow, judging and eliminate back-ups at obstacles. A high level of obstacle proficiency is required and courses and are designed for completion by world level athletes in all categories. Races are not “failure” competitions, and are designed for national teams selected from the best athletes in each country. This meets criteria accepted for medal events in Games and championships under regulation by the International Olympic Committee for athletes competing at the highest level.



  1. The World Obstacle Technical Committee (TC) will ensure technical aspects of World Obstacle competitions are of the highest quality;
  2. The World Obstacle Competition Rules specify the conduct and behaviour of athletes during World Obstacle competitions.
  3. The World Obstacle Event Organizers’ Manual and its related documents set safety and logistical standards for host National Federations (NFs) and for the Local Organizing Committees (LOCs);
  4. The World Obstacle Technical Officials’ (TO) Certification Program sets the standards for certifying World Obstacle Technical Officials;


The World Obstacle Competition Rules are intended to:

  • Create an atmosphere of sportsmanship, equality, and fair play;
  • Provide safety and protection;
  • Emphasize ingenuity and skill without unduly limiting the athlete’s freedom of action;
  • Penalise athletes who gain an unfair advantage;

Download a printable version of the full competition rules below:


Competition Rules MSD (pdf) Download Ninja Competition Rules (pdf) Download 100m Competition Rules (pdf) Download 400m Competition Rules (pdf) Download OCR XC Competition Rules (pdf) Download Para Competition Rules (pdf) Download Adaptive Athlete Classification Rules (pdf) Download Athlete Eligibility Guidelines (pdf) Download OCR 100m Course Specification Manual (pdf) Download Athlete and Entourage Conduct (pdf) Download Uniform Rules (pdf) Download
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