The idea to form an international governing body to represent adventure and multi-sport athletes was born in 1997 at the ESPN X-Games X-Venture Race. This came to life in 2015 with the rapid growth of obstacle racing worldwide and the need for a unifying voice for participants in all related sports. 

World Obstacle is an international non-profit organization that represents Ninja, Obstacle Course, and Adventure racers, communities and stakeholders, promotes, develops and elevates the sports worldwide. Sport functions we promote include inclusivity, ethics, fair play, safety, health and wellness, and a pathway to the highest levels of international sport.

With the extreme challenges the global sports community has faced in the last few years, the timing for a brand evolution felt more important than ever. World Obstacle’s global partner  Turquoise Branding, has worked tirelessly to create a brand image representing our ideals of collaboration, unity, representation, universality, dynamism, pluralism, inclusivity, strength, and determination to elevate all people and make a positive difference thought the world through sport.

The team at World Obstacle has worked hard over the past seven years to earn its international reputation as an innovative driving force unifying obstacle sport.” Said World Obstacle President, Ian Adamson “Our new logo represents the unifying brand behind events working to represent the racer’s interests and well-being and stands side-by-side with our international sport federation peers in the global arena. We’re excited to launch World Obstacle’s new image matching the energy, power, and trusted name.”

Introducing the new:


About Turquoise Branding

Turquoise Branding is a full-service branding agency. Their multi-disciplinary team and flexible approach allow them to efficiently tailor services around their clients’ needs. They specialise in sports and entertainment branding, but good work is universal. That’s why they’ve successfully developed brand identities for companies in all kinds of industries – from telcos to property developments – the world over.

About World Obstacle
World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) is the international governing body for obstacle sports representing the needs of Adventure Racers, Ninja Athletes, and Obstacle Course Racers worldwide. It is an independent association composed of national member federations and their athletes in over 100 countries and has Observer Status of the Global Association of International Sports Federations.




GAISF Observer




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