Qualification in each country is by the national governing body, known as a national association or federation, and generally guided by Olympic Charter (Rule 40-41)

This is commonly done through a national series, national championships, races sanctioned/approved by the national federation and/or races in their continental region. Many associations use a ranking system that helps them, select athletes. If a country fields a full team (5 athletes per category), they will have 90 athletes per event category. Additional athletes may compete in the open category under their country flag.


Qualification is through one of the national federation members of World Obstacle, representing countries in Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. If your country does not have a national federation (national member federation information and contacts here), please contact [email protected] for how to qualify. Continental associations (OSF Africa, Pan American OSF, OSF Asia-Pacific and  European OSF) assist athletes with qualification in their regions.


Age group category for Youth and Junior athletes is the age of the athlete on race day. Age group category for Senior and Masters athletes is the age you are on December 31st in the year of competition (the age you turn that year). Athletes who are 15 years old on race day but turn 16  in the year of the competition after race day shall compete in the Junior 14/15 category. Athlete who turned 16 in the year of the competition before the race day shall compete in the Senior category (16 to 39).


Just like Olympics and other international multi-sport Games, national teams are qualified through their national federation. The national federations are non-profit organisations run by, and for their members. Official teams are limited to a maximum number of athletes per competitive race category, from one (1) and up to five (5) depending on the event. Additional athletes may run under their country flag in open categories. Find your National Federation here


Competitive race categories for men and women in Elite (any age) and age groups from 10 years old to the oldest competitor. Competitive categories are provided in each event of a championships. Elite athletes under 18 years of age may be allowed to compete depending on the length of the event and provided they satisfy the laws of the host country and approval is given by the National Federation and FISO.

Youth: 10/11, 12/13, 14/15 and Junior: 16/17, 18/19 may be included depending on distance and event.

Senior: 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39 Masters: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 Veteran: 60/61, 62/62, etc. to the oldest competitor.

Results and records will be provided for all age groups up to the oldest person.


Open (non-competitive) waves will be provided, no qualification is required. There are no awards for Open categories.


All participants of a FISO world level event must complete an Event Medical Evaluation Form.

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