The Obstacle Sports Federation of Asia and the Pacific (OSFAP)

OSFAP is the continental confederation of national federation members of World Obstacle in the Asia-Pacific region. Subcontinental resigns include Obstacle Sports Federation East Asia, South Asia and the Pacific (OSFAESP), Obstacle Sports Federation South East Asia (OSFSEA) and Obstacle Sports Federation West Central Asia (OSFWCA).

The People

President: Mr. Al Agra (PHI) – [email protected]


Brunei Darussalam: Brunei Adventure Recreation Association BARA
Ida Zetty Yasmin binti Haji Patera – [email protected]

Cambodia: Cambodia Association of OCR CAOCR
Camilo Sanchez – [email protected]

Indonesia: Indonesia Obstacle Sports Federation IOSF
Panji Laksmana – [email protected]

Laos: Lao Obstacle Federation LOF
Somphou Phongsa – [email protected], [email protected]

Malaysia: Malaysian Obstacle Race Sports Association MORSA
Andrew Chiu Jing Shen- [email protected]
Magnet Edge Orienteering Sport Club MEOSC
Shamsuri Abd Latif – [email protected]

Myanmar: under development
[email protected]

Philippines: Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation POSF
Al Agra – [email protected]

Singapore: Obstacle Course Racing Singapore OCRS
David Lim – [email protected]

Vietnam: under development
[email protected]

The People

President: Mr. David Lim (SGP) – [email protected]

OSF West Central Asia

Afghanistan:: Afghanistan Obstacle Sports Federation
Abdulwasi Qayoumi – [email protected]

Bahrain: Bahrain Obstacle Racing Club
Fahad Taqi – [email protected]

Islamic Republic of Iran: O-Sport Association of I. R. Iran (OSAIRI)
Dr. Behrouz Karkhanei – [email protected]

Kazakhstan: under development
Elmira Ezyami – [email protected]

Kuwait: The Kuwaiti Sports Committee of Obstacles and Endurance
Yousef Khaleel Alshatti – [email protected]

Sultanate of Oman: Oman Obstacle Sports Committee
Mohammad Balushi Iqbal – [email protected]

Qatar: under development

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Obstacle Course Racing SOCR
Sakher Abdullla Al-Sudairy – [email protected]

Tajikistan: Tajikistan Obstacle Sport Federation
Kamol Saeed Moradof – [email protected]

United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Community Cooperative Society
Yaser Alkatheeri – [email protected]

The People

President: Mr. Fahad Taqui (BAH) – [email protected]

OSF East Asia, South Asia & Pacific

Australia: Obstacle Australia OA
Emma Teede – [email protected]

China: China Obstacle Sports Federation COSF
Mark Soo – [email protected]

Chinese Taipei: under development

Marianas & Guam: Marianas Obstacle Sports Federation MOSF
Deren Perez –  [email protected]

Mongolia: Mongolian Obstacle Sports Federation
Narabaatar Otgonbaatar: [email protected]

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Obstacle Course Racing Federation HKOCRF
Max Lai – [email protected]

India: Indian Federation of Adventure Sports and Racing IFASR
Paridhei Singh –  [email protected]

Japan: Japan Obstacle Sports Association (JOSA)
Yoshi Morimoto [email protected]

Republic of Korea: under development

Pakistan: Pakistan Obstacle Course Racing Association POCRA
Tariq Sidhu – [email protected]

New Zealand: New Zealand Obstacle Sports Association, NZOSA
Hayden Wells – [email protected]

The People

President: Ms. Paridhei Singh (IND) – [email protected]

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