World OCR to Launch a Global Broadcast Platform to OCR

Kiswe Mobile and Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO) are excited to announce an agreement for personalized and localized live streams

Lausanne, Switzerland  World OCR is delighted to commence a partnership with Kiswe as their official global partner for cloud-based broadcasting. This platform allows anyone, anywhere in the world to watch, engage and interact in OCR events on virtually any cell or internet-connected device.

The CloudCast solution offers a user viewing product that transforms people’s experiences and brings live and past OCR events into diversified viewing channels. Commentators provide coverage from anywhere in the world, including live from the race venue or remotely. The platform opens up the ability to use OCR sports influencers, television and media professionals to generate content in their own language to their local audience.

In partnering with Kiswe Mobile, a streaming technology company founded in 2013, and headquartered in the U.S., World OCR intends to engage the OCR community in a unique way, laying the foundations to connect OCR content, communities and brands. This ecosystem will be rounded by a collective experience allowing users to register to the platform, empowering user-generated content, live chats, social media integration, and statistics.

With national association members in 92 countries and growing, OCR is continuing to engage in participation and viewership. The World OCR Kiswe CloudCast platform will be made available to all national associations for them to produce and stream their own competitions, as well as nurture direct relationships with their communities of players and fans, opening up new revenue streams.

“Kiswe Europe is excited to partner with World OCR as their official global partner for cloud-based broadcasting,” said Peter Dunits, Head of Partnerships at Kiswe Europe. “We’re looking forward to helping FISO grow their digital audience and brand awareness worldwide.”

World OCR President, Ian Adamson, said: “World OCR is thrilled to be partnering with Kiswe mobile. The ability to engage the OCR community in native language broadcast to the devices of their choice provides a huge benefit for each country and their athletes.”



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