World Obstacle South America World Cup: A Thrilling Month Concludes with the Haka Expedition

The World Obstacle South America World Cup has seen a remarkable month filled with adrenaline-pumping action, culminating in the unforgettable Haka Expedition race in Brazil. Teams from across the region gathered to showcase their skills and endurance in this challenging event, with Black Mamba ultimately emerging as the victors. As the winners, they will represent Brazil and South America at the prestigious GODZone Chapter 12.

The Haka Expedition took place in the stunning Vale do Café region in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The competition provided the athletes with a variety of technical challenges across multiple disciplines, pushing them to their limits. The trekking segment took the teams through the demanding terrain of the mountains, passing by tourist spots such as Pico do Gavião, where a breathtaking 100-meter rappel offered unparalleled views of Serra da Beleza.

The mountain bike sections brought the athletes through 19th-century colonial coffee farms, rich in history and cultural significance. The race also included canoeing on the famous Rio Preto, home to several dams and power generators in Brazil.

After a grueling 30 hours of racing, the Haka Expedition 300 km race, the first A1 Series South America World Cup, was ultimately won by the Black Mamba Brazil Team, comprised of athletes Douglas Elias, Cristiane Alencar, Anderson Abrantes, and Raian Portela. Their victory earned them a spot in the highly anticipated GODZone 2024 event.

World Obstacle extends heartfelt congratulations to the Haka Expedition’s entire organization and all the athletes who bravely faced this demanding challenge. The South America World Cup event was a true testament to the spirit of obstacle sports and the passion of the athletes and teams involved.



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