Partnership Announcement: My Next Match – How you can benefit from this!

World Obstacle has reached an agreement with My Next Match, a British company that offers a digital platform for the management of membership and medical passport of all athletes and members.

All World Obstacle members will have access to the My Next Match system without any cost. With this tool, all Federations will be able to organize their Membership comprising clubs, leagues, and especially athletes.

Here are the benefits of each of the available packages:

MNM Digital Medical Passport


A platform to ensure the continuous flow of information between medical professionals, federations, associations, clubs, and athletes in order to promote safe sports. The MNM Digital Medical Passport (MediCard) holds all relevant medical information about the athletes in relation to his/ her chosen sport.

Key Features:

  1. Gives verified doctors digital access to read and record athlete medical records, regardless of time or location, via cloud service: annual medical exam; pre and post-event exam; results of drug testing and other blood results; COVID-19, HIV, HEP A-B, ECG report; and (suspected) concussion reports.
  2. Knows if an athlete is suspended, which safeguards both the athlete and the doctor.
  3. Ensures legitimacy of paper-based medical data tracking every update and prevents data tampering.
  4. Allows data analysis to make comprehensive medical decisions regarding rules and the safety of the athlete
  5. Provides a safer environment for the athlete.

MNM Membership Management


The MNM Membership Management tool allows athletes and clubs to connect directly to national federations and associations, ensuring accuracy, consistency and continuity of data collection hence transparency.

Key Features:

  1. Avatar and unique registration numbers.
  2. Status of members e.g., technical official, coach, athlete, clubs/teams
  3. Financial reports e.g., subscription amounts, subscription status, forecast revenue.
  4. Other relevant qualifications e.g., SafeSport, first aid certificate, Child Safeguarding Certificate, other relevant OSH info.
  5. Engagement metrics with the sports and remarketing opportunities.

And much more…..

This is an initiative that aligns with our mission to provide high-quality services to the members, improving management tools and providing a fully integrated and efficient environment to develop the World Obstacle community in all countries and continents.

In the coming weeks, My Next Match will send a link to each National Federation to register.

The Federations of the Philippines, UK and Australia already use the MNM system, and our goal is to get all members on board.

If you have further questions, you can connect with Michel Cutait ([email protected]) or My Next Match`s CEO Oner Avara ([email protected]).



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