OCR 100m international standard course draws 60M video views

OCR Polska unveils the OCR 100m for the first time in Europe

Rybnik, Poland: The international standard OCR 100m course was unveiled for the first time in Europe at the 2020 Polish OCR Championships and has drawn over 60 million views of the live coverage and over 100 million interactions on Facebook. Paweł Murawski established the men’s European and Polish records in a time of 32.48 seconds. Dorota Gadzińska established the women’s European and Polish records in 52.52 seconds. The current world records were set at the 2019 SEA Games by Kevin Pascua (29.92 seconds) and Rochelle Suarez (46.70 seconds), both of the Philippines. OCR Polska produced the 2019 OCR European Championships and included a developmental 100 m course alongside the 3 km short course and 12 km standard course. Polish athletes performed at a very high level at the 2019 Ninja World Championships in Russia, demonstrating their proficiency on obstacle sprint courses.

The OCR 100 was a medal event in the 2019 South East Asia Games, a multisport Games recognized by the International Olympic Committee, and first presented at the 2019 OCR Asia-Pacific Championships in Manila, Philippines.

“Implementation of the international standard OCR 100-meter course in Europe for the first time is a positive step for the development of the sport.” said World OCR President, Mr. Ian Adamson. “OCR Polska continues to show their event production capabilities and Polish athletes are establishing themselves at the highest level in obstacle sports.”

“We look forward to seeing the popularity of the OCR 100 standard course continue to grow in Europe and hope to see records set in the OCR European Championships in Italy next year” said OCR Polska President, Mr. Jacek Kozicki. “This format is perfect for OCR championships and athletes at every level because it is really exciting to run, easy to manage, and fun to watch!”



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