An End-of-Year Message from Us

Dear Obstacle Community,

2020 is disappearing from our calendar but the challenges imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic will accompany us for some time. World Obstacle has also suffered the impacts of the pandemic, but we haven’t been idle. We understand that our mission lies ahead, especially regarding the representation of our athletes, to guarantee their health and safety, and above all, to be part of the solution. After all, we thrive when we overcome obstacles!

Our international federation grew significantly over the past year and today we have a team of eight staff members at our global headquarters, supporting the 19 committees and commissions and their 80 members that work on behalf of the sport. It was with this team and with the participation of all stakeholders that we made difficult decisions such as postponing the OCR and Ninja World Championships.

2020 was also a year of construction, as challenges became opportunities. We opened our new office in Lausanne, Switzerland, developed a new website, organised the OCR virtual World Series and consolidated our brand. This year brought us the understanding that World OCR no longer represented the scope of our athlete members, nor the sports that they represent. Thus came the name change from World OCR to World Obstacle, comprising three sub-sports: Ninja, OCR, and Adventure Racing.

In 2021 we will expand our reach, with a goal of member organizations in 125 countries and continue our mission of satisfying requirements to be recognized as an Olympic sport.

Sport is a tool for transformation and we’re here to facilitate this, however, the main agents of change is the obstacle sports community; the athletes, supporters, national federations, event producers, commercial partners, media and fans.

Happy New Obstacles!



GAISF Observer




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