7 Things you Need to Know about the Altitude OCR World Championships 2021

From World’s Highest OCR Team and Beth Ward

Altitude OCR World Championships 2021 provides a cultural handshake between the business and Tanzania as a destination. We have a number of core values that we stand by, to support the local community and host the environment during each event. Throughout our Kilimanjaro event, 10-21 September 2021, we will be pursuing the following actions to ensure our core values and sustainability efforts are practised:

1.We will be conducting the biggest crater cleanup in the history of the Kilimanjaro National Park, as well as a cleanup of any litter on the mountain on the ascent and descent.

2. We are employing just over 400 locals for the Kilimanjaro event crew including, porters, guides, cooks, waiters, summit porters, assistant guides, head guides, chief guides. These people are responsible for their families and livelihoods, therefore the economic gain from this event will greatly benefit hundreds of locals financially, as a result of this economic ripple effect.

3. This event will enable education and health benefits for children in terms of finance allowing them to go to school, and providing families with healthcare if needed. The 400 locals employed will receive the highest level of food and healthcare available to them.

4. Our athletes will be tipping locals for their help during the event, and we will be holding a ceremony at the end which will provide money for the local crew presented by the chief guide. This money will be fairly distributed amongst the locals employed, whilst individuals who worked well during the event will be fast-tracked into guiding roles which is a seven-year fast-track, a great opportunity for local porters.

5. Food will all be locally sourced from local farmers, allowing them the increased ability to sell their products. The distribution of economic value will contribute greatly to the local economy as a result of agriculture being the second-highest employer in Tanzania.

6. The footprint of our obstacles will not damage the environment at all. When placed in the crater our equipment will leave zero trace, due to a good distribution weight spread across all bases.

7. During the event we will not be going anywhere near the glaciers within the crater, therefore not affecting the erosion of ice or having any negative impact.

Overall, the sustainable approaches Altitude OCR World Championships will provide years and years of positive impact locally, environmentally and economically!



GAISF Observer




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