2021 Altitude OCR World Championships Announced

World’s Highest OCR endorsed as the official Altitude OCR World Championships

Lausanne, Switzerland: World Obstacle, the Fédération Internationale de Sports d’Obstacles (FISO), announced today the launch of the 2021 Altitude OCR World Championships, the World’s Highest OCR, produced by E.P. Global Events and scheduled from September 12th to 21st, 2021 on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

This ultimate OCR challenge brings together the colossal elements of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, and Obstacle Course Racing to create the ultimate bucket list challenge on the Roof of Africa. Participants conquer the world’s highest free-standing mountain to earn their place as part of the World Record group for the World’s Highest OCR with an extraordinary obstacle course race in the volcanoes’ crater. All participants can then enter the 2-day timed descent as a time trial race down the mountain.

The World’s Highest OCR provides international participants the chance to experience the most challenging and stunning landscape Africa has to offer,” said EP Global Events co-founder, Mr. Robert Edmond. “The challenge requires participants to ascend Mt. Kilimanjaro in stages for safety, acclimatising to the 5,985m summit before descending into the crater.”

E.P. Global Events co-founder Mr. Dave Pickles added “The World’s Highest OCR will employ 400 local staff, providing benefit to their extended families and the local community. The event will have a wide and enduring positive impact, elevating the lives of thousands of people in the region.”

The World’s Highest OCR provides a unique adventure challenge for obstacle athletes and real value to the local population,” said FISO President, Mr. Ian Adamson “This event satisfies many of our higher goals as a sport, including making better humans and generating positive economic impact. E. P. Global Events has a proven record with excellent reviews from athletes globally and is a natural fit with World Obstacle.”

About World’s Highest OCR

With over 45 years of combined adventure event experience and uncompromised commitment to safety, the World’s Highest OCR is taking obstacle racing to the next level.



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