The FISO Coach Education Programme has five key objectives:

  1. To grow and develop the sport globally by making coach education accessible to all National Federations (NF) and their members, thereby providing athletes with the opportunity of working with coaches at a level that suits their needs
  2. Provide a framework for coach education and development for NF’s to develop obstacle sports through athlete and coach development from grassroots to high performance
  3. Provide a coach development system from grassroots to high performance
  4. Provide tools and techniques to increase coach competence and effectiveness through international standards
  5. Provide a mechanism whereby coaches can progress along the coaching pathway.


  • Level 1: Certification prerequisites
  • Level 2: Gym/Fitness Instructor, obstacle sports coach
  • Level 3: Performance Obstacle Sports Coach
  • Level 4: National Obstacle Coach
  • Level 5: International Obstacle Coach
  • Level 6: Senior International Obstacle Coach
  • Level 7: Master Coach Trainer


The World Obstacle coach education programme and pathway started in 2016 the United States and was refined in 2018 to develop Philippine athletes for the 2019 Southeast Asia Games. The Philippine team swept all six medal events. Course developers included professional coach and elite OCR athlete Faye Stenning (CAN), mountain bike world champion and author of training and fitness books Leah Garcia (USA), elite OCR athletes and professional coaches Leon Kofoed Andersen & Nikolaj Dam (DEN), Olympians and Pentathlon coaching staff at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Shaun Wilde (GBR) refined the program in 2021.



Courses are for coaches with proficiency teaching and training athletes. A minimum of 12 months experience as a certificated coach in strength and conditioning, athletics, triathlon, Parkour, Ninja, Adventure Racing, OCR or similar is suggested. Certification prerequisites include disability awareness, criminal record background check, safesport / safeguard training and first aid certification.


Level 1-2: Safe sport (athlete safeguarding)
Level 1-2: Disability awareness
Level 1-2: Gym/Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, ASCC or CSCS
Level 1-2: Athlete consultations and inductions
Level 1-2: Health and safety in the training environment
Level 2-3: Coaching Obstacle technique, strength and fitness
Level 3-4: Performance analysis
Level 3-4: Periodized programme planning and design
Level 3-5: Anti-doping
Level 4-5: Plan, deliver and evaluate programmes
Level 2-5: Coach continuing education
Level 1-4: National run coach certification
Level 2-3: Coaching Ninja technique, strength and fitness
Level 3-4: Para-athlete coaching
Level 3-4: Run coaching
Level 3-4: Nutrition coaching
Level 3-4: Mindset coaching
Level 6: Graduate Education
Level 7: Postgraduate Education

100 hours of coaching practice applying the course content at the level you are certificated is required to access the next level course. Continuing education and at least 100 hours of coaching will be required every 2-years to maintain certification.

Interested in becoming a certified coach? Email us here.


Faye Stenning
(CAN) BKin, CSCS, FMS #1 World Ranked Spartan Athlete, 2016; 2nd Spartan US Championship Series, 2016; 3rd Spartan World Championships, 2016; Coach at Grit Coaching.

Nikolaj Maegaard Dam
(DEN), BA, MSc Sport Science & Health, University of Southern Denmark Advanced Strength, Conditioning and Sport Psychology (Calif. University Long Beach). European Champion Mixed 2018, #1 Nordic Race Series 2016-2017, 2nd best European OCRWC, Co-owner OCR Training Denmark.

Leon Kofoed Andersen
(DEN) MSc Copenhagen Business School, Mathematics and Economics, BSc Tulane University (USA) Finance OCR European Champion 2018-2019, Co-owner of OCR Training Denmark, Former Ninja Warrior Competitor, Passionate business owner, a teacher at Copenhagen Business School.

Alwyn Cosgrove
(GBR/USA) BSc Sports Performance, BSc. (hon) Sports Science. Alwyn started in martial arts in 1986 adding fitness classes in 1989 and studied under top international fitness professionals and coaches. Clientele includes top-level athletes, World Champions, and professionals in a multitude of sports. Alwyn has co-authored five books in the “New Rules of Lifting” series and is a frequent contributor to publications such as Men’s Health.

Shaun Wilde
(GBR) Contact [email protected]

Heather Gollnick
(USA) SGX L2 Spartan Race World Champion Masters Athlete; OCR Masters Athlete of the Year; 5x Ironman Champion; Triathlon Coach; Author of Triathlete EQ.

Jessica O’Connell
(CAN) BS Exercise Physiology, MSc Kinesiology, CSP-CEP 2016 Olympian (5,000 m PB 15:06); 10x Canadian Championship, Canadian indoor 5,000m record holder (2019); All-American in track and field; WVU magna cum laude.

Ian Adamson
(AUS) BEng (honors), MSc Sports Medicine 10x World Champion; Gold, Silver & Bronze X-Games medalist; 5x Guinness World Record Holder (endurance kayaking, altitude, fitness), and Ninja; Age Group World Champion in Ninja, Pentathlon Biathle, Pentathlon Triathle, and Spartan Race. US and Australian Canoe Team member; Author of Runners World Guide to Adventure Racing; University lecturer; Global head of coach certification and training Newton Running 2007 – 2014 and Corporate Adventure Training 1998 – 2003.


Let the UNAA guide you as a certified ninja coach for ninja competitions. Our new certification program is comprehensive in content, but easy to master and looks great on your resume. UNAA’s Certification is geared toward Officiating of UNAA competitions and Ninja Obstacle Course competition training. By completing the UNAA Certification program you will be given the knowledge and information to properly officiate a UNAA competition and train athletes for Ninja Obstacle course competition.

World OCR - OCR Ninja Coach Certification


World OCR - OCR Coach Training

UNAA Coach Training.

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